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OEM-ODM SOAP  |  One-Stop Service in Thailand

VS 09 Original Herb Co.Ltd

    OEM-ODM soap, build a brand with us with more than 10 years of experience in soap production, guaranteed by the brand of the factory, “Vipada Soap”, available at 7-11, Family mart, Makro and speciality stores in Thailand.

    We are delighted to provide all levels of sevice, inventing, researching, developing formulas by a qualified team and modern manufacturing to support all customer needs, whether it is production of skin cell exfoliating soap , production of acne reducting soap , production of freckles reducting soap, production of liquid soap, production of bar soap, production of fruit soap, production of natural oil soap, production glycerin soap, production of facial soap, production of hand soap , production of herbal soap, production of scrub soap, etc. with FDA and Halal registration service can distribute products immediately.

    In addition, we also provide services for logo design, product labels, as well as video shooting and editing of the production process for yout brand reliability. Let customers be confident with the production process for international standard.

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Thank you so much for your trustworthiness (Vipada Soap) more than 10 years. We promise that we will continue to improve our research and development system and also preserve our standard of production.


What do you receive if you produce soap with us?

One-Stop Service

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Quality guaranteed by

“Vipada Soap” 

Available at 7-11, Family mart, Makro and speciality stores.

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Our Factory

“VS 09 Original Herb Co.Ltd” 

Established since 2009 until now.


Fee for developing a formula : 2000฿ 

✅  Take care and consult every step of the way. from start to finish

✅  Soap tester 3-6 pieces according to the specification of your formula.

✅  Customers could adjust the formula for 2 times.

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