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1. Consulting

Choosing products according to your needs Both glycerin soap and natural oil soap.

2. Research and develop formula

Formula analysis service and develop soap products according to your needs and budget. Color, odor, soap texture, skin texture, and texture can be set to create the distinctiveness of the product.

3. Make a quotation
Make a quotation with a 50% deposit agreement before starting production.

(Deliver the product to the customer after transferring the deposit within 30 days)

4.Design logos and product labels

Logo design service, product labels and advertising media. Ready to provide printing service with modern printing technology

(Design service fee does not include soap texture)

5.FDA and Halal registration service
Product registration, production and distribution services.
according to the law, both domestically and internationally
6.Delivery service

Delivery service for customers to the location

(Shipping cost depends on the quantity ordered and the distance)



 Contact to Line Official : @vipadasoap Click !!