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Orange Carrot 

Spa soap 100% Natural orange and carrot extracts are rich in vitamin C and AHA, Helps to improve the skin texture to smooth the skin. Reduce dark spots and keep it the radiance skin well.

Net W. 90 g.
No. Record : 10-1-6100054219

Rice Milk Collagen B3 

Rice milk extract blended with collagen and vitamin B3 to be helpful for brigthening the skin and also adjust the skin to be smooth with moisture. Reduce of dullness well.

Net W. 90 g.
No. Record : 10-1-6200008616

Gluta Spa

Helps to removal old skin cells of Antioxidant. Reduce of dullness and eliminated body rashes on the elbows, folds and groin.

Net W. 90 g.
No. Record : 10-1-6100054228

Tamarind & Mahaad 

All rich of natural herbs from tamarind and Mahaad. Helps to maintained healthy skin and shed old skin cells. Fade away dark spots.

Net W. 90 g.
No. Record : 10-1-6100049960

Melon Vitamin E 

Melon extract blended with vitamin E able to helps make the skin clear. Helps to shed old skin cells and also adjust the body skin to be smooth, moisturized and fresh all the time.

Net W. 90 g.
No. Record : 10-1-6200007662

Coffee Spa 

Rich of caffeine with qualifying to be helps of reduce cellulite and also make the skin smooth. With to absorb the dirt that remains on the skin as well.

Net W. 90 g.
No. Record : 10-1-6100044425


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