VIpada soap

Vipada soap , 100% Natural Herbal Soap, selected high quality raw materials from natural extracts.
Every formula has been created by experienced product development Researchers. This gives us a wide variety of soap formulas from which to choose. It covers all skin problems.

VIPADA review

“After 2 weeks of trying it, I feel my skin is smoother and clearer. Can be used on the whole face most importantly, it also smells good.”

Sornsawan Intha / Influencer

“It’s a very nice scent. Helps to make the skin clean, fresh, smooth and radiant skin does not irritate the skin. Can be used for all skin types.”

Kritkanok Sukkhanaluck / Physical therapist

“I used to have a sticky and itchy feeling when I was working. After using it, my skin feels smoother, non sticky. You can work all day.”

Thanakarn Meesuk / Teacher

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