VS 09 Original Herb Co.Ltd

VS 09 Original Herb Company Limited
88/789 Village No. 15, Bang Pla, Bang Phli, Samut Prakan 10540

VS 09 Original Herb Company Limited

The VS 09 company was established in 2009 and is still active.

Focusing on the production and distribution of the “Vipada” herbal soap brand using natural extracts with high quality raw materials and factory standards for sofliness and cleanliness.
Currently, there are more than 100 types of herbal soap products and manufacturer also continue innovating and developing new herbal soap recipes. 

OEM & ODM One-Stop Service 

Get soap production under your brand.

Get a complete range of soap production to meet the needs of customers who want to have their own brand with a 100% standardized production processes.

Mrs. Sinpathu Hanvarkij

Executives and Product Development

VS09 Original Herb Company Limited

Producer and distributor of herbal soap under the brand “Vipada” to support customer needs, develop emphasis on quality and production standards and expand the distribution channel of “Vipada soap” to fully meet the needs of the new generation of skin care customers. At the present time, products have been developed to provide natural herbal alternatives to consumers. It is mainly aimed at health care-focused groups. Making soaps with herbal ingredients in the market has increased, as can be seen from both large entrepreneurs and SME industry who have turned their attention to developing healthy soap products for the market continuously. However, Vipada soap has developed new products to meet the needs of customers including strategies formulation. To research and develop products that are in demand from customers all the time. In addition, it has also given importance to the development of marketing in various forms, including communication and advertising through channels that can reach new consumers as well as continuously increasing sales channels. As can be seen from the past, the point of sale has been expanded from focusing on selling through wholesale and retail stores. and should through dealers. At the present time, it is expanding sales channel into department stores and convenience stores nationwide Making it able to reach new target groups and taking advantage of competitors in the market. However, the importance of factors that make Vipada herbal soap still popular and famous with customers all the time is to maintain the quality as well as formula development continuously, so that Vipada soap products are standardized and able to meet the needs of customers.

Mrs. Sinpathu Hanvarkij (Women’s Examplified Award 2018) 

    Information and Communication Technologies due to running a business in parallel with creating benefits for society and the nation, including participating in activities to reward the land in various forms.  Read more